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This site is primarily a resource site for live role-players. Click for eldelphia's Resources index or jump straight to the page you want by clicking below. Find details on clubs in your area, how to make your costume, source material for backgrounds, graphics and where to buy mead!

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 What is LRP? LARP? Live Roleplay?

If you've got this far chances are you know what role-playing is. If you have heard of or played any of the "table top" role-playing games (like D&D, Rune Quest, Vampire or Earthdawn), you're over the worst of it. If not let me briefly explain. More...

What about LRP and combat?

While you're at it... try this Guide to Heroic Combat, a useful starting point for all live roleplayers about making LRP combat, fun, entertaining and safe. Lots of hints & tips!

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